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    Pininfarina Segno


    There are objects that tell a story. Creations born from the hands of skilled craftsmen, unique pieces that are the result of an innovative idea , tools that adopt a technology and transform it into a work of art .Forever
    Like the Forever Made in Italy stilos: little masterpieces designed and manufactured in Italy by Pininfarina Segno (ex-Napkin), fated to leave an everlasting sign.

    Tooling and other processes are manually made by master craftsmen, guaranteeing quality and care of detail that, in Italy, makes art and craft a single thing.

    Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Napkin srl

    Pininfarina Segno- Cambiano ModuloLimited

    Cambiano Modulo
    Limited Edition, celebrating the Ferrari Modulo - luxury packaging with stamp

    Pininfarina Segno- PF ONE

    PF ONE
    Brushed aluminium fountain pens, triangular section

    Pininfarina Segno- Cambiano LeonardoLimited

    Cambiano Leonardo
    Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Leonardo¬Ďs death - limited edition in wood and aluminium

    Pininfarina Segno- PiumaLimited

    Pen celebrating the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, with mirrored steel pedestal

    Pininfarina Segno- Prima

    Forever series, writing without any ink or refill - Prima is made of anodized aluminium in several bright colors

    Pininfarina Segno- Aero

    Pininfarina Aero made with aerospace aluminium - from Forever collection

    Pininfarina Segno- Cambiano

    Forever collection, pens writing without any ink or refills, inspired by the Pininfarina Cambiano concept car

    Pininfarina Segno- Cuban

    Pen from the Forever Line, made with recycled wood

    Pininfarina Segno- Boutonniere

    The buttonhole pen that writes with no ink or refill - from the Forever collection

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