The Aleph pen features a special flex steel nib Aleph
is the first letter
of Phoenician and

The Aleph pen is made by Marlen pearly shaded grey resin, but also in plain black, and rhodiated trim.
Regular size, clean design, simple and sober decorations: Aleph is definitely a daily use pen, handy and practical.

Aleph chiusa
Aleph aperta

Aleph nib The great news is the nib:
it's made in spring steel, that guarantees a good memory-effect for medium flexibility (1,00-1,50 mm).

Its sinuous shape feature two indents at sides, which are not only attractive, but also functional, because they limit the strength needed to flex the nib.

The nib is engraved with the Aleph letter symbol, and its airing central hole is heart-shaped.

You'll be surprised by its feeder: it's transparent, and gives colored glares if you use a not-black ink.

Piston filling system

Length of the pen, closed mm. 143
Length of the pen, open: mm. 135
Diameter max: mm. 14

Fountain pens with flex steel nib and transparent feeder
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Aleph - fountain pen   Fine  € 146.00
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