Papa Francesco Limited and regular Edition


Limited Edition
936 fountain pens
936 rollers

Pope FrancisAfter the Papa collection, made in 2004, and the Papa Beato in 2011, here is the Papa Francesco limited edition.

Aurora decided to use plain materials to better represent the figure and the message of humility of Pope Francis.
Only 936 pieces made worldwide, like the date of birth (1936) of Pope Francis.

The barrel of the pen is made of a special light blue resin, shaded and pearly, inspired by the colors of Argentina, his native country.

Aurora, Papa Francesco fountain pen
Aurora Papa Francesco, roller

Christograms are Christian symbols
composed by Greek or Latin letters
that form an abbreviation
for the name of Jesus
(INRI, IHS, X, etc)

The sterling silver cap is engraved with the Pope Francis' coat of arms and the Catholic Church Christogram, with the sun and the cross.
A natural gem, cabochon cut, is set at the cap top.

Piston filling system.
18 Kt gold nib, available in EF, F, M, B.

Papa Francesco - regular Edition

Foe a more informal and daily use, this is the regular edition ballpen (not limited).
Different materials: chromed cap (instead of silver) and a different resin, still light blue but spotted.
Aurora Papa Francesco penna a sfera
The Papal coat of Arms is engraved on the cap, on the opposite side of the clip.

Pen collection devoted to Pope Francis - silver limited edition and chromed regular edition.
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Papa Francesco - silver cap fountain pen     € 1240.00
Papa Francesco - silver cap roller   roller  € 890.00
Papa Francesco - chromed ballpen   ball pen 70 € 85.00
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refills for ballpoint - 12 pieces box

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