Silver Memo Small size pens, fully engraved with Guillochè technique


The Silver Memo pens, by Renzetti, are rhodium plated and fully decorated by a careful Guillochè engraving over cap and body.
The rhodium brightness and the preciousness of hadcraftmanship make it a classy object yet practical, because rhodium is a very hard and doesn't oxidize.

Small size, ideal for a pocket or bag or diary use.

Corso Como

Rhodium is a noble metal,
much rarer and more precious than silver.
It's also much harder, it doesn't oxidize,
it doesn't change over time, and it's more brightly white.
It's specially used by jewellers for white gold alloy.

Length of the ballpen: cm. 8,8
Length of the fountain pen and roller, closed: cm. 10
Fountain pen, open with the cap posted back: cm. 11,7

Small pens in rhodium with Guilloche decoration
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Silver memo - small rhodium ballpen - Special Offer   ball pen 65 € 37.00
Silver memo - small rhodium roller - Special Offer   roller 70 € 39.00
Silver memo - small rhodium fountain pen - Special Offer    70 € 39.00
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