Corso Como Slim pens, carefully Guillochè engraved


Renzetti 1909 - Craftmasters in Milano - has named its new writing instrument collections with its city's peculiar attractivenesses.

Corso Como

Corso Como is a street close to downtown, that has considerably changed in the beginning of twenty-first century. It currently is a pedestrian zone and one of the main areas of Milan's nightlife: famous discos, lounge bars and restaurants, showrooms, exhibitions and galleries.

Corso Como

Rhodium is a noble metal,
much rarer and more precious than silver.
It's also much harder, it doesn't oxidize,
it doesn't change over time, and it's more brightly white.
It's specially used by jewellers
for the white gold alloy.

The Renzetti's Corso Como ballpens are long and slender, rhodium plated, engraved with Guillochè geometrical engravings that make them bright and precious.
A full-rhodium model, and a Soft-touch model, with mat black grip, soft to the touch.
Length: cm. 14

Via Turati

Very similar, but with shorter grip, is the via Turati ballpen:
a historic stret that starts from Piazza Cavour and ends in Piazza della Repubblica, crossing Via Moscova.

Via Turati

Also the Via Turati pen is rhodium plated, and decorated with Guillochè engravings.
Length: cm. 11,6

Rhodium ballpens with Guilloche decorations
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Corso Como - rhodium ballpen - Special Offer    90 € 49.00
Corso Como - rhodium soft-touch ballpen - Special Offer    85 € 46.00
Via Turati - rhodium ballpen - Special Offer    85 € 49.00
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