The pen that recalls the design of the Bialetti Moka of 1930



The MOKA (italian coffee-maker), designed and produced in 1930 by Alfonso Bialetti, was a masterpiece of design and semplicity. It became famous all over the world, even where coffee drinking customs were completely different from ours.
Giuliano Mazzuoli remakes its shape for realizing a writing instrument, keeping the true semplicity and the clean design.

Moka Mazzuoli

The Moka pen is available as fountain pen and "pressuried" ballpoint, made with aluminium in 4 brushed colors: aluminium, red, black and ivory.
When it's open, the cap can be placed inside the barrel:

Moka penna a sfera
Moka fountain pen

The 15 components that make up the MOKA pen are made and assembled with care and passion with the desire to reach the maximum quality standard.

Moka Chiaroscuro

The model Moka Chiaroscuro is made with high-quality resin in 5 pearly colors: blue, orange, red, white and black, all them available as fountain pen and ballpen.

Moka Chiaroscuro blue
Moka Chiaroscuro orange
Moka Chiaroscuro red
Moka Chiaroscuro white
Moka Chiaroscuro black

box MokaMoka stringEvery pen comes with a cordura lanyard and top, that can be applied to the cap of the pen to wear it around the neck and keep it always at hand's reach.

The fountain pen features a steel nib.
Cartridge/converter filled.

The pen that recall the design of 1930s Bialetti Moka
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Moka - aluminium fountain pen     € 122.00
Moka Chiaroscuro - resin fountain pen     € 122.00
Moka - aluminium ballpen   ball pen  € 110.00
Moka Chiaroscuro - resin ballpen   ball pen  € 110.00
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