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Terms and conditions

The agreement stipulated between srl (Giardino Italiano) and the customer, is defined with Giardino Italiano's acceptance of the order. Giardino Italiano reverves the right - at its unappealable decision - to accept the order. Orders are tacitly accepted if not communicated to the customer in 48 hours.

Placing an order, the customer declares to have examinated all the indications of the purchase procedure, and to accept general conditions of sale, assistance and payment, described in How to Pay, Shipping, Warranty, Returns, Repair sections.

Giardino Italiano won't be responsable for any damage or loss due to the not-acceptance of orders.

Prices, currency

The products' prices are shown in Euro (€) in our webpages, and include VAT for customers of European Union; but they don't include the customs tax that may be applied in some countries. We cannot foresee them, that vary from country to country for each product category.

If you'd like to see an approximate convertion among Euro and Dollars, Pounds or Yen, you can use our Currency tool, at the bottom of the pages: € $ £ Y

Some producers requires that Authorized Dealers, like we are, don't show their retail prices. In these cases, you can automatically get prices either by clicking the Ask for price link in our products' pages, or putting the product in your shopping cart.

We can change our prices without any notice, but previously submitted orders are not affected by changes.

Special cases: Great Britain after Brexit
Customers located in Great Britain buy at VAT-free prices, but we can process only orders of 200€ or more.
For lower amounts we are not allowed to ship.



Giardino Italiano always makes regular documents which come with products inside the parcels, for each product we sell. Invoices are in Euro, and must be issued to the Credit Card's owner.

  • Private customers will receive a not-fiscal document, due to "Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica del 21-12-1996, n. 696: "Rules to simplify procedures of amount certification" (comma oo, online sales)
  • European Companies: please specify your exact Company name and VAT number if you want a fiscal invoice, VAT exemption.

Customers can require delivery to a different addres; in some cases, however, the credit card issuer may impose us ship only to certified address of credit card's owner.


You can pay by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Diners), Paypal or fund transfer. No additional costs for any of them.

Dispute resolution

Reserved to European private customers only (not companies): in case of problems with a purchase, you could contact the Online dispute resolution


We do our best for keeping updated all our website info and also those that we can send you on request. However, we humanly cannot guarantee that they were free of typo or technical mistakes.

We constantly tend to show beautiful images, proportional for colours and sizes each other, but we cannot guarantee the perfect correspondingness, that mainly depends of the user's video setting and definition.

We always consider several different hardware and software platforms in testing our site, but we cannot guarantee the perfect working on every system, and we're not responsible for any conseguencies either.

Our website is absolutely free of any racist, obscene or offensive contents, and we have adopted reasonable defenses against fraudolent actions in our website; however, we cannot guarantee that we'll never suffer such delictuos actions, and we're not responsible for any conseguences.

We keep all the informations that out customers give us with our best care, respecting the privacy's European law. Most of them are not saved in our computer at all; however, we cannot guarantee that we'll never suffer delictuos actions, and we're not responsible for any conseguences.

Our products are brand new and perfectly adapt for their specific use. We're not responsible for any improper use of our products.

Our products are also guaranteed by their producers as free from visible defects and we personally verify them before shipping. However, we cannot guarantee they're free from unviewable defects, as well as we're not responsible for damages caused by defects themselves. All the products are guaranteed by the Producers, minimum 2 years long, or more - as specified in products' certificates.

We carefully pack products for a safe shipping, and we check the carriers' reliability and punctuality. However, we cannot guarantee that damages couldn't happen, neither delays; and we're not responsible for material or not-material inconveniences caused by them.

We do our best for processing your orders and requests, but we are human, therefore we could make unintentional mistakes and delays, and we cannot be considered responsible for damages caused by our delays or mistakes.

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