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    The "square the circle" is back, with veined resin and palladium


    The style of the Opera is back again. Created in 2003, the "square the circle" shape accompanied the Visconti pens for a decade of production, varying sizes and materials but keeping shape and style of the pen.

    The Vertigo doesn't hide its inspiration to company's best traditions, but brings a new perception.
    The special manufacturing of the cap and of the body creates reflective plane surfaces which run one after the other, causing a continuous change of the points of view, with a perspective's changes which almost lead a sense of vertigo.

    Turned by solid bar of acrylic resin in 3 very variegated colors with floating waves: blue, orange and burgundy, and the classic plain black. Palladium plated trims.

    Vertigo blu
    Vertigo orange
    Vertigo bordeaux
    Vertigo black

    Visconti introduces for the first time with Vertigo a new closure system, that combines the convenience of the magnetic lock with a recall system indexed between the body and the cap, designed to keep in line the 8 alternating inclination levels which distinguish the design of the pen.

    The fountain pen features the Visconti small steel new nib, very performing and smooth writer, available as F, M, B.
    Cartridge/converter filling system.

    Vertigo roller
    Vertigo ballpen

    The Vertigocollection includes also a roller and a ballpen.


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    Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
    € 4.00

    Refills VA40 for roller - ceramic - 10 pieces

    € 35.00
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