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    Millionaire Precious marble pens
    Limited Edition


    Limited Edition
    988 pcs each color

    Both cap and barrell of the Millionaire collections are made of marble; one of the most luxurious materials in the world.
    Thicknesses have been calculated to ensure that the pen's final weight is correct and that it conforms to standards of comfort for daily use.

    Four types of marble have been choosen, whose specifications are best suited to the manufacture of pens:

    Portoro BLACK:
    Black Millionaire
    Millionaire nera

    Valencia cream YELLOW
    Cream Yellow Millionaire

    Rain Forest BROWN
    Brown Millionaire

    Issoire GREEN from Alps
    Green Millionaire

    Piston filling system.
    23 Kt palladium Dreamtouch nib, bicolor, EF, F, M, B, S, BB.
    Trims are gold plated or palladium plated, depending on the marble's color.

    The fountain pen is convertible in roller. The nib and grip (along with reservoir and piston) is removable and can be substituted by the roller grip with its mechanism and refill, included in the package.

    From the splendid buildings of ancient Greece, through the glory of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance right down to the lobbies of the world's leading hotels today, marble has always been used as a decorative element symbolising pure beauty, opulence and abundance; and unashamedly displayed
    luxury, certainly not minimalistic.
    As far as now, though, it was never used to make writing instruments, on account both of the difficulties inherent in working with it and of its intrinsic fragility.
    With the assistance of the skilled artisans with whom it works, Visconti has succeeded in grinding marble to an infinitesimal thickness and at the same time it has brilliantly resolved the problem of the material's fragility thanks to the advanced technology developed in its workshop.
    Carved out of a marble slab 3 cm. thick, structurally solid and without any crack, the pen is then reinforced, turned and polished.

    Black portoro Valencia Cream Yellow Rain forest Brown Issoire Alps Green

    Portoro BLACK marble, Valencia Cream YELLOW marble, Rain Forest BROWN marble, Issoire Alps GREEN marble

    Visconti's international insurance policy
    will protect your valuable writing instrument
    in case of any and all kinds of accidental damage.
    Visconti will repair and replace
    all damaged parts free of charge
    (save for a minimal excess)

    The pen comes in a beautiful black box, with its ID card, its Visconti warranty and the marble's certificate. The package includes also the roller grip for the substitution.

    Visconti realized also a series of matching cufflinks. They're purchasable in set with the fountain pen, but also separately in our Bijoux section.

     Millionaire cufflinks

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