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    Midnight in Florence A journey into the Florence's darkness. A new demonstrator veiled by the night colors.


    Firenze by night reveals a different beauty, with its ancient stones of streets and buildings, in dark grey and violet shades, with blue lights and deep black spots, and the edges of things that blend in the darkness.

    The Midnight in Florence is a Homo Sapiens, with an acryloid barrel, transparent but wrapped by violet and deep grey swirls, that design sinuous waves to disguise its transparency.
    Violet-grey resin cap.
    All pens are unique, for the casual design of the waves, that makes every piece different each other.

    Midnight in Florence stilografica
    Midnight in Florence roller
    Midnight in Florence

    The Midnight in Florence is a piece of the Homo Sapiens series, Demonstrator collection, which is a feature highly appreciated by penlovers who love to observe the mechanism inside and the ink flowing.

    Trims in palladium-plated silver.

    Piston filling system, vacuum filler, double reservoir.

    Dreamtouchis the term
    Visconti coined to define a nib
    that requires no pressure
    whatsoever in order to write,
    it traces in a gentle way
    thoughts and words
    for a dream handwriting.

    The nib is the wellknown Dreamtouch, 23 Kt palladium, invented almost ten years ago for the first Homo Sapiens made with volcano lava.
    It performs the best flexibility and memory, suitable for any type of writing (enhanced of 30% compared to the same nib in 18kt gold).
    Palladium is also stronger and more resistant than golf to ink corrosion, that has been improved to 100% thanks to the pureness of the material; to an extent to which no protection treatment of the plating is needed.

    Visconti usually provides the pen with F-M-B nib.
    The ExtraFine and Stub nib require an extra-fee.


    The Dreamtouch nib is discontinued and sold out.
    All the models that used to be sold with the Dreamtouch 23 Kt palladium nib, now are equipped with a 18Kt gold nib.

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