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    foto Stilografica di design in fibra di carbonio, affusolata e leggera.


    The CARBON T (T like technique) is an award-winning fountain pen, conceived for going through your  everyday tasks  with unmatched comfort thanks to a clever combination of ergonomics, lightweight and grip that are unique to the linear carbon fiber.
    Minimalist look, stunning linear carbon fiber, steel nib.

    Carbon T Venvstas

    As well as for the Magna, even for the Carbon T, when it's closed, it's difficult to understand what it is or how it opens!

    Carbon T closed
    Carbon T

    The pen is made entirely of stainless steel, natural brass and unidirectional carbon fiber.
    There is no plastic and no glue: only very precise joints and slides.

    Carbon T in manoThe Carbon T pen can also be used without the cap posted on the back, as in the photo, because it is long enough to be comfortable.
    But even with the cap posted, it stays in place firmly and securely.
    It is still light, durable, with a matt, modern look.

    Length, closed: cm. 14,90
    Length, open: cm. 14,40
    Diameter: cm. 1,0
    Weight: gr. 13.

    Carbon T penninoNib: steel nib, F, M and B.

    Venustas' carbon fibre pens are carefully hand-crafted in Italy by skilled artisans; a not minor aspect, considering the complexity and inherent qualities of the linear carbon fiber, a material that requires a rare mixture of technology, experience and qualified work to be manufactured.

    Available in 3-4 days.


    Carrier pencase

    Carrier con penna Carbon TCarrier VenvstasThe Venvstas Carrier is a luxury pencase, made with carbon fiber and brass, specifically designed to protect your Venvstas fountain pen, or any other pen up to 12,5 mm in diameter and 160 mm in length.

    Functional, sophisticated, it's the ultimate complement for storing and moving with style.

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