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    Vespri Siciliani Una serie di vari colori di Vespri Siciliani in edizione limitatissime


    The Stipula Vespri Siciliani are regular sized pens, slender and light, that recall the Stipula Novecento line, in a smaller version.
    Cap and body are made of ebonite, trims of sterling silver.
    The small nib is made of white 14 kt gold, with a very large range of grades:from Ultrafine, to ExtraFine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub 0.9.
    The Clip and the central band are decorated with the Stipula's classic design of stylized leaves.
    Filling system is cartridge/converter (included)

    Scatola Stipula Vespri Siciliani con inchiostro FerrogallicoThe packaging includes a Stipula's bottle of Iron-gall ink (read our blog's article).
    The Iron-Gall ink, known since the Middle Ages, it was used until 1950 as it was almost indelible over the centuries. Its characteristic is that it is very light when wet and darkens when dry.
    Stipula has developed a new IronGall ink formula, in collaboration with the University of Florence, which is fully compatible with fountain pens and their delicate metal parts.

    The Stipula Vespri Siciliani pens are all made of ebonite, of different colors, limited edition of very few pieces each color. They have been named after regions of Sicily, inspired to its fascinating and sunny nature, its wilderness, its volcanos, marine currents, and windy and rugged mountains.

    ETNA - L.E. 3 pieces

    Etna is the most famous active volcano in Sicily: the pen is made of pure black ebonite, like the lava. Limited edition of 3 pieces only.
    Vespri Siciliani - Etna

    SCILLA - L.E. 4 pieces

    Scilla and Cariddi are two sea monsters guarding the Strait of Messina, sucking in vortexes of the current and breaking up passing ships.
    Scilla is made of striped green/black ebonite:
    Scilla - Vespri Siciliani

    CARIDDI - L.E. 2 pieces - sold out

    Green/blue and black ebonite, in 2 pieces only:
    Cariddi - Vespri Siciliani

    Valle del Bove - L.E. 5 pieces

    Inspird be a desertic valley at the feet of Mount Etna, a landscape of black rocks against the flaming lapillus of Etna, in black and terracotta-orange ebonite:

    Stromboli - L.E. 2 pieces - sold out

    The always active volcano on the small island of Stromboli in the Aeolian Islands, explosions of incandescent lava against the black of night:

    Girgenti - L.E. 1 piece - sold out

    Girgenti is the ancient name of Agrigento. The pen is made of striped ebonite, black and golden-beige like the stones of the temples:

    Ortigia - L.E. 2 pieces

    Ortigia is a small "island" connected to Syracuse by a strip of land, in beige and black striped ebonite.

    Capo Passero - L.E. 2 pieces

    The southernmost point of the island, where two seas meet each other and merge - black ebonite with vivid green veins:
    Capo Passero

    Terracotta - L.E. 2 pieces

    Terracotta color (deep orange) ebonite , like the water jars of Sicilian peasants:


    Modica - L.E. 2 pieces

    Modica is a town famous for its chocolate: black and deep brown ebonite:

    Pen, closed : cm. 13,6
    Pen, open: cm. 12,3
    Open with the cap posted back: cm. 15,5
    Diameter max: cm. 1,2

    The Stipula Vespri Siciliani are being offered at rebated price. Iron-Gall ink for free.

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