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    Tec Flex Stainless seeel weave, elastic and flexible.

    Porsche Design

    A fountain pen made in stainless steel, with a stylish character, inspired by Porsche motor's tubes
    The steel weave that convers the barrel makes it elastic and flexible at touch.
    Tec Flex - Porsche Design - acciaio
    Tec Flex penna a sfera
    Pushing the mechanism of a ballpen, for example, the steel weave responds to the pressure of the hand, modifying its shape.

    Also with gold and steel weave:

    Tec Flex Porsche Design acciaio e oro

    Or the new model, all in matt black steel, scratch-resistent both for weave and trims:

    Tec Flex Porsche Design nera
    Tec Flex roller nero

    TecFlex maglia acciaio Tec Flex maglia acciaio e oro Tec Flex maglia nera

    Available as fountain pen, capped roller and ballpen.
    18 kt gold nib, rhodiated, with F, M, B tips.

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