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    Perpetua The green pencil, non-toxic, clean, unbreakable, that always writes

    Pininfarina Segno

    Perpetua® is a green pencil, distributed exclusively by Napkin. For its construction no living trees were destroyed.
    It is made of Zantech, an innovative material composed of 80% of recycled industrial graphite that thanks to special rubber polymers is agglomerated into a solid stick.

    It's clean: it does not soils your hands.
    It's unbreakable: even if it fall down, there isn't any lead to break or wood to crash.
    It's non-toxic: it does not use wood or protective coatings.

    This single body of coloured rubber becomes integrated during the injection phase, Perpetua® doesn’t leak , resilient if dropped or knocked and is suitable to be used by children or scientists.
    Perpetua matita Napkin

    It's a unique body. Unlike normal pencils, there isn't the wood body that includes the graphite lead.

    80% gragite, no legno
    It can be tempered
    but it writes even without tips.

    It does not soil; ideal for both right-handed and left-handers.

    100% Made in Italy.


    The coloured rubber becomes integrated during the injection phase. The pencil forms a single body with its rubber.

    Perpetua fronte
    Perpetua retro
    Moreover, Perpet a has a flat side that prevents it from rolling.

    packaging Bery simple packaging, in black cardboard. A matching colored silicone bracelet is used like a rubber band , to keep the pencil in place.

    Length cm, 19,5
    Diameter mm. 9
    Weight 15 gr.


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    Perpetua - unbreakable pencil pencil€ 4.95
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