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    Time Brain A new Montegrappa multifunctional pen, with many references to time and brain

    TIME & BRAIN Limited

    Limited Edition
    300 silver fountain pens
    300 silver rollers

    Time & Brain is the latest Montegrappa Limited Edition, made in collaboration with one of the most distinguished neurologist in the world, Dr. Richard Restak.
    As long as our brain is focused on what we're doing at the present moment, we tend to be unaware of time.

    The Time & Brain pen carries an actual working watch at the cap top, and a small hourglass at the opposite, in the barrel bottom.
    Made with sterling silver and black resin.

    Time and Brain Montegrappa fountain pen

    The whole pen is decorated with symbols referring to time and human brain, following the concept that hand writing offers an escape from time's abstract rythms, and maximises the enjoyment of the present.

    Time Brain closed
    Time Brain fountain pen uncapped
    Time Brain roller

    The barrel, divided in 3 sections, represents the le 3 phasis of time: past, present and future.
    The separator ring is 3 mm. high, symbolizing the 3-seconds time, that is the cut-off point at which all humans have the same perception of time.

    TimeBrain watch on the cap top TimeBrain hourglass and brainThe cap top holds a quartz watch with octagonal crown just over the clip.

    The cut-out end of the barrel holds a miniature hourglass made with high tempered glass(one of the most complex components ever made in a luxury pen), measuring a 3-second interval, which is the human perception of the present.
    The 3 pillars that protect the hourglass symbolize the 3 cognitive processes of the brain related to time: stimuli, memories, focus.

    A micro-sculpture of a brain, made of golden meta, is applied on the back side of the cap.

    The clip, shaped like a pendulum in Art Deco style, is surrounded by decorations that symbolize the sun, the moon and circadian rhythms (= cyclical variations of human biological activities). A series of lines connects everything to the human brain at the center, to emphasizehow we influence - and are influenced by - time.

    Nib of Time BrainThe 18 kt white gold nib is personalized with designs that symbolize the thought and the passing of time: a clock and a brain divided in half, with the signature Montegrappa.

    boxPiston filled

    The luxury packaging riresembles an ancient 24-hours clock and includes an exclusive 104-page book by Prof. Restak that explains the relationship between man and time by proposing a structured method to better manage time and improve life.

    Dr. Restak is a professor of Clinical Neurology at Washington University, and the author of 20+ books about the human brain.


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