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    foto Per l'anno della Tigre, 2022, ecco l'edizione limitata di Montegrappa in argento massiccio

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    Edizione Limitata
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    2022 Year Of The TigerIn the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the year of the Tiger, evoking vigour, strength, bravery and leadership.

    The pen is entirely made of sterling silver, engraved in bas-relief using craftsmanship techniques refined over a century.
    The entire pen is decorated with an original camouflage-effect texture that reproduces the tiger's coat, which is also reflected on the tail-shaped clip. Antiquing adds strong contrasts in the streaks.

    Montegrappa Tiger

    On the back of the cap is a large and detailed "vigilant tiger", a symbol of protection against the evil forces, made in high relief.

    Ancient legend tells that the powerful Jade Emperor summoned all the animals to a meeting, promising to honour twelve of them by assigning each one a calendar year.
    The emperor would determine the years according to the order of arrival.
    The tiger was convinced of winning, being the king of animals; but it underestimated the strong currents of the great river to be crossed, and could not match the strength of the ox and the cleverness of the mouse.
    It only came in third place, which is why, ever since, its instinct has always been to reassert its supremacy.

    The handle and back are decorated with diamond engravings, symbolising the mountainous terrain of southern China, the tiger's natural habitat.

    Montegrappa Tiger

    The pen is packaged in a luxurious walnut box personalised with the figure of the tiger on a silver leaf applied to the top.

    Piston filling system
    18 Kt white gold nib, available as EF, F, M, B, BB, Stub 1.1 decorated with the silhouette of the tiger in yellow gold.


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