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    foto A Montegrappa‘s modern classic, the ideal gift for those in the legal profession


    Iustitia, the new Montegrappa pen of Ducale series, gives a sense of mightiness, tradition and justice.
    The goddess Iustitia (Lady Justice) is usually represented by the scales of justice, with which both sides of disputes are weighed and compared; blindfolded, because justice is blind, showing no favouritism and basing decisions on facts.

    Montegrappa devotes the Iustitia pen to all those who work for it: lawyers, judges and all professionists who must practice justice with a pure heart.

    Iustitia Montegrappa

    The goddess' silhouette crowns the signature clip, with the cap of the pen is engraved with the scales of justice and equality. The back part of the pen top reads the Latin motto "Dura lex sed lex" (the law is harsh but it's the law); it's a a Socrates's recommendation to follow the law even if it's regrettable.

    Iustitia - clip Iustitia - motto Iustitia - scales

    Made in polished black resin, with steel trims, the collection includes fountain pen, capped rollerball and ballpen.

    roller Iustitia
    Iustizia ballpen

    pennino Montegrappa
    The fountain pen's nib , inscribed with the classic Montegrappa's filigree pattern, is available as Fine, Medium or Broad.

    The filling system is cartridge/converter.

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