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    Grappa The Grappa pen made with copper and brass like the distillery's equipment

    GRAPPA Limited

    Limited Edition
    1912 fountain pens
    1912 rollerballs

    grappaJoining the Cult Collection by Montegrappa, here is the pen inspired by the Grappa, an Italian specialty that has devotees all over the world.
    Bassano del Grappa, a small city in Northern Italy, where Montegrappa is located, is just as well one of the major producers of this refined liquor.
    Grappa is a fragrant graped-based pomace brandy containing 35 to 60 percent alcohol by volume (70 to 120 US proof).
    Its flavor can vary consistently according to the quality of grapes and distillation process used.

    Grappa - the pen

    Inspired by both the historic traditions of grappa distilling and the aesthetic of stills, the pen is made with include stainless steel, brass and copper, the same materials actually used in actual equipment’s construction.
    Montegrappa’s technicians executed hand-applied hammering techniques on the copper components, while tiny screws, both functional and ornamenta, remind the user of the technological inspiration of the product.

    stilografica Grappa
    roller Grappa

    Clip Grappa

    Even the clip continues the grappa-making theme, formed to recall the copper tubing used in the distilling process.

    cappucciopennino Grappa
    Exquisite details enriches both ends of this remarkable writing instrument.
    Inserted into the top of the cap is a disc made of real cork, as used in a grappa bottle top, beneath a filigree-cut octagonal grid recalling Montegrappa’s eight-sided symbol.

    The 18k gold duotone nib is embellished with a bunch of grapes on the vine.
    Available in F, M, B.

    Cartridge/converter filling system.

    scatola penna Grappa
    The number of pieces made is the year of foundation of the Montegrappa company (1912).
    The blind cap of the Grappa pen is reserved for the limited edition number.

    The Grappa Pens come in special packaging, similar to the presentation of an actual bottle of the liquor.
    The pen is safeguarded in a blown glass bottle with a large globe base, made by local artisans, bearing the Montegrappa coat of arms in metallic finish.


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