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    Fortuna Credo A collection of suggestive pens grown in the three monotheistic faiths


    The Fortuna collection by Montegrappa sketches in the new Credo series, dedicated to the three Semitic religions: Domes and Our Father to represent Christianity, Shema Israel to represent Judaism, and Islam Girih to represent Islam.

    Fortuna Domes

    Domes takes inspirations from the architecture of the Eastern Orthodox Church and their onion-shaped domes, topped with the complex Russian crosses.
    Inscribed into the cap and surrounding the barrel are skylines redolent of the great capitals, where such imposing and ornate structures exist to this day; and a colored gem like a star in the night.
    Fountain pen and roller are made of black resin and rose gold finish.
    Fortuna Credo Domes

    Fortuna Our Father

    Our Father is the main prayer in Christianity, taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples. A man appeals to God for advice, with latria and thanksgiving.
    The barrel of the Credo Our Father pen is engraved with the Prayer in Greek, and an olive branch, a symbol of peace; the cap is decorated with the monogram of Christ, which consists of two superimposed capital Greek letters X (chi) e P (rho), producing Christ's name ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ.
    Fountain pen and roller are made of black resin and rose gold finish.
    Fortuna Credo Padre Nostro
    Fortuna Credo Padre Nostro

    Fortuna Shema Israel

    "Shema Yisrael" are the first two words of a section of the Torah, meaning "Hear, o Israel". The same two words also make the title of the centerpiece prayer of the morning and evening Jewish prayer services.
    The pen's cap bears the Star of David and three colored gems, while the barrel is decorated with a palm branch, a classic symbol of peace, and with the Hebrew word for 'peace', Chai.
    Fountain pen and roller are made of black resin with ruthenium finish.
    Fortuna Credo Israel

    Fortuna Islam Girih

    Girih, Persian for "knot", is an Islamic decorative art form used in architecture and handicrafts, composed by geometric lines that create an interlaced network
    The whole pen is laser-etched with a complex web of straight-edged symmetrical shapes that form stars separated by polygons. A single blue stone on each pen produces a focal point for the observer.
    Fountain pen and roller are made of black resin with palladium finish.
    Fortuna Credo Girih

    Domes Our Father Shema Israel Islam Girih
    Fortuna Credo Domes Fortuna Credo Our Father Fortuna Credo Israel Fortuna Credo Girih

    rose gold trims

    rose gold trims

    black ruthenium trims

    palladium trims

     Fortuna Credo nibs
    Steel nibs, available in F - M - B, all them decorated by Montegrappa’s octagon-based filigree.
    The finishing matches the pen's one:
    rose gold for Christian pens (Domes and Our Father);
    black ruthenium for the Jewish pen (Shema Israel) and
    palladium for the Islamic pen (Girih).

    Cartidge/converter filling system.

    Please note: these photos show colored gems (blue or green), set in the back of the caps. However, the Montegrappa's current production set white gems, of better quality and light, on all Fortuna Credo pens.

    Fortuna was the Goddess of Luck
    for the ancient Romans, and her chance events were
    closely tied to virtus or strength of character.
    Montegrappa created the Fortuna collection
    for those who still indulge in the pleasure of writing;
    with the wish that these pens
    will engender the good luck that they deserve.


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