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    Montegrappa Fortuna Blazer From Fortuna series, the steel model, forged in fire


    The Blazer pen, of Fortuna series, takes its name from a famous drink: the Blue Blazer.
    It was invented 155 years ago, and its was the first cocktail flamè of the history: an exciting mix of Scotch, boiling water and sugar, made with two large tankards, between which the stream of the flame travels.

    All the parts of the pens are made, appropriately, with polished hand-torched stainless steel. The surface of cap and barrels basks in iridescent shades, just as headed metal would do. And in a unique way for each pen - they're all different each other!

    Fortuna Blazer stilografica
    Montegrappa Blazer roller
    At the beginning of production, also the grip sections were as colored as cap and body but, after a few cases of discoloration (probably due to ink's corrosive action), Montegrappa decided to substitute sections with polished ones, not fired.

    Montegrappa Blazer dettaglio Montegrappa Blazer dettaglio Montegrappa Blazer pennino

    Boccale omaggio BlazerThe cap top is personalized with the 1912 logo disc.
    Steel nib available with F, M, B points, engraved with the Montegrappa's typical filigree pattern.
    Cartridge or converter filling system.

    The Italian version
    of the original drink
    is made with grappa,
    sugar, cinnamon,
    and orange essential oil!

    The Blazer pen is packed in the standard Montegrappa blue box.
    But there is more, a special gift with every pen: the special stainless steel tankard, decorated with the elegant victorian style logo that customizes this collection.

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