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    Aviator Inspired by airplanes, for shape, material and decoration.


    The new Montegrappa pen, Aviator, celebrates the bravest of the bravei :the airplane pilots.

    Shape, material, decoration: everything, in Aviator, recalls the trapping of aircrafts and is enriched by design details just coming from aviation industry.
    The slender and rounded line reflects the law of aerodynamics, and its sharpened cap seems the tip of both aircrafts and rockets; it's made in aluminium, light and strong, with lighsome brilliance.

    Montegrappa Aviator penna chiusa
    Montegrappa Aviator
    Aviator roller

    Montegrappa's artisans finished the pen with airplane details, like the stitching-style rows of small rivet heads of fuselage and wings; but also fuel tank caps and the "Remove Before Flight" and "No Step" commands, etched along the pen in perfect relief.

    dettails of Aviator      Aviator clip

    The Aviator clip is special: it bears a complex technical design shape, reminiscent of landing gear struts, and the classic rotating sphere is re-imagined as a knurled wheel.

    Steel nib, available as F, M, B.
    Cartridge/converter filling system.

    The pen comes in a special packaging: a leather glass holder, shaped as the last century's aviators glasses. Zipped all around, with 2 transparent windows.

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