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    Leonardo Momento Zero The first pen made by Leonardo Officina Italiana, in regular and limited version

    Leonardo Officina Italiana

    The name MomentoZero, absolutely evoking, exactly means a new beginning, a start from scratch; the first pen made by a new company, based on experience and passion of a strong team.

    The collection is inspired by the Italian vintage style, worldwide known; it's a classic pen, well balanced with size and metal trims.
    Le Limited Edition is sold out (100 pieces in Abyss Blue, and 100 pieces in Mediterranean Blue)

    Momento Zero Iride Green-Blue

    MomentoZero regular, numbered version

    Special resin in several colors, all rigorously hand turned from solid bar.Each pen is individually numbered.
    Armonic steel nib, available as EF, F, M, B, ST 1.5mm.
    Cartridge/converter filling system.

    Light Blue Positano, with golden trims, blue with lighter waves:
    MomentoZero Blu positano

    At the end of 2018 a new resin was presented, Hawaii Blue, pearly and iridescent:
    Hawaii Blue

    that in 2021 was enriched by new colors:

    Alga Green
    Momento Zero Alga Green

    and Prugna (burgundy)
    Momento Zero Prugna

    and in 2020, more colors!

    Pietra Marina (Sea Stone), a mix of Rust chips with inclusions of ultramarine and electric blue:
    Momento Zero Pietra Marina

    And Iride, a mix of green-blue as the water's colors:
    MomentoZero Iris

    In 2021, more new colors:

    Lavander (violet)
    Momento Zero Lavanda

    and Sorrento Blue
    MomentoZero Blu Sorrento

    Assistance and warranty: All the Leonardo Officina Italiana collection are covered by lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect. Technical assistance and repairs are made in Leonardo's laboratory.


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    Momento Zero - resin fountain pen green-blueSold out
    Momento Zero - Hawaii resin fountain pen - Special Offer blue FineSold out
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