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    Momento Magico Leonardo Momento Magico is the completely disassembleable fountain pen

    Leonardo Officina Italiana

    The new fountain pen made by Leonardo Officina Italiana is called Momento Magico and it's a completely disassembleable fountain pen.

    Cap and body of marbled resin of several colors (but also plain black, both glossy and mat), with a 10 mm. high transparent window that allows you to check the ink level.
    We propose it with silver finish (but it could be requested also with gold finish, specifying in the order form)


    Sunset (red)
    Momento Magico Rosso tramonto

    Multi-flowers (brown)
    Momento Magico Millefiori marrone

    Honey (orange)
    Momento Magico Miele arancio

    Salty stone (blue)
    Momento Magico Pietra Salata Blu

    And more, the blacks:

    Black (glossy):
    Momento Magico Nero lucido
    and Mat Black :
    Momento Magico Nero Opaco
    The black pens have a grey transparent window, instead of clear.

    The Momento Magico fountain pen is completely disassembleable, due to a special steel tool that is sold separately; it's a 316L steel tool, often used in high-level watches, very hard and resistant which has to be machined with special equipment.
    By this tool you can disassemble the barrel from the caseback and piston, and nib group.

    Tool for Momento Magico Leonardo Leonardo Momento Magico disassembled

    The central band of the cap is perforated with a geometric Greek inspired by the decorations of Greek art of the period between 900 and 700 BC

    Filling system: piston filled.
    Designed and produced in-house by Leonardo Officina Italiana, with 1,5 ml. load capacity.

    The Momento Magico is available in different versions:
    - with steel nib
    - or with gold nib: normal or elastic.
    The gold nibbed pen features an ebonite feeder and is packed with an ink bottle.
    Both gold and steel nib are available in EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1. and all nibs are treated with extra-strong lamination process.
    The Momento Magico with elastic gold nib has ebonite feeder, is packed with an ink bottle and is available only as F ro EF.

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    Tool for disassembling the Leonardo piston pens € 29.00
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