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    Kaweco Sport AC A Kaweco Sport in solid aluminium and carbon fiber


    This Kaweco Sport AC is a new version of Classic because it's realized in solid aluminium instead of colored resin, with carbon fiber inserts.

    Same shape (octagonal shape, rounded at edges), same size, and same old motto "small in your pocket, large in your hand": when closed, it's a small pocket-pen, but it becomes a normal pen when opened, with the cap posted back.
    Steel nib, M tip only, and steel trim.

    The clip is removable: it's not attached to the cap, but it slides all over its length. It may be put in the preferred position, and it may even be removed at all.

    The carbon fiber inserts, with their classic wowen pattern, are placed both in the cap and in the body.
    Three new satin colors: black, ruby red, and champagne beige (not available at the moment)

    The removable clip
    - chromed -
    can be purchased
    steel Clip

    Kaweco Sport AC black
    Kaweco Sport AC red
    Kaweco Sport AC champagne
    Kaweco Sport AC champagne

    Kaweco Sport AC ballpen
    In the Sport AC version there is also a ballpen model, with the same shape and colors - and the same optional clip system.

    tin boxecoleather pouchAll Kaweco Sport come in a nice vintage-looking tin box.

    A thin black eco-leather pouch - 1 or 2 places - is available as well, separately purchasable.

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    Description Color Version Price €
    Kaweco Sport AC fountain pen Medium€ 99.00
    Kaweco Sport AC ballpen ball pen€ 88.00
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    Removable clip for Kaweco Sport

    € 2.50

    Eco-leather pouch for 2 Kaweco Sport pens
    € 10.00

    Eco-leather pouch for 1 Kaweco Sport pens
    € 9.00
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