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    fermafoulard A carved aluminium ring, light, bright, unalterable, and carefully engraved.


    An old craftsman's workshop in Milano, Italy, gathers the heritage of the skilled craftsmasters for new ideas and new materials.

    A nice curved aluminium ring, carefully engraved, is a scarf clip. Light, unalterable, elegant.
    It's proposed in three different decorations.


    STARDUST, ELLAS and ARABESQUE engravings

    stardustEllaasArabesqueThese aluminium outstanding clips are decorated with high quality etchings, carefully detailed and often finished by hand.


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    Description Color Version Price €
    Scarf clip in aluminium - Stardust engraving € 15.00
    Scarf clip in aluminium - Ellas engraving € 15.00
    Scarf clip in aluminium - Arabesque engraving € 15.00
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    gift packaging
    € 2.00
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