WALL STREET Limited Edition

Translucent ringed celluloid, for both the limited and regular edition Visconti Wall Street

Since ancient times, one of the classical problems of geometry without doubt has been that of the quadrature of the circle, that expresses the two creating and conservative laws of the universe: movement (the circle, symbol of the Sky and of the cyclic movements) and stability (the square, symbol of the earth and of the created universe).
Sky, earth, movement, stability and perfection are universal symbols, which belong to all the cultures of the planet, and as such make the Opera an universal pen that reflects in its particular shape its core design.

In fact the Opera/Wall Street is not round as is any other pen, and it's not square, which would make it un-ergonomic, and it's not octagonal either.
It is simply unique.
The perfect proportion of the volumes of the cap and body, the elegant shape of the clip, and the clip's perfect mechanism complete this tri-dimensional masterpiece.

Moreover, it's made of celluloid, the queen of materials, the tradition and innovation in writing instruments.
Since 1988 Visconti has been synonymous with celluloid, as the company was the first to reacquaint the word with the beauty of the material.
The pen is highly symbolic not only in its shape (circle/square) or in the number 4 (the 4 elements), but also in its material which recalls the skyline of Manhattan by night, from which its name is inspired:
Wall Street, another symbol, centre of the world finance of the modern globalization.

Wall Street Limited Edition Limited Edition - sold out

Visconti Wall Street Stilografica nera
Wall Street lim. rossa
Visconti Wall Street Stilografica verde
Limited Edition
Limited Edition
4000 fountain pens
each color

Filling System: Double reservoir power filler
Large two-tone 23 Kt palladium nib, EF, F, M, B, St.
Avialable in translucent colors:grey/black pearly celluloid, now also red/black and green/black.
Blue/black celluloid, instead, is completely sold out.

Wall Street Edizione regolare

The Wall Street celluloid - Regular Edition - is different in size (it's a bit shorter) and in look:
The rhodium plated grip and the 23 kt palladium nib are the same as the black Opera,
but the cap, the clip and the layered celluloid are exactly the same of the Limited Edition model.

Also the filling system changes, because here is cartidge/converter.

Visconti Wall Street Regular red fountain pen
Visconti Wall Street Regular fountain pen
Visconti Wall Street Regular Roller
Visconti Wall Street Regular Sfera

The collection includes the fountain pen, the capped roller and the twist ballpoint.

MyPenSystemAll the Wall Street pens can be personalized with initials on the cap top, with magnetic initials of Visconti's My Pen System.
Personalization is reversible because we'll send you also the original Visconti top disc for future substitution.

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Wall Street - celluloid L.E. fountain pen    Sold out
Wall Street celluloid Regular - roller   roller Sold out
Wall Street celluloid Regular - ballpen   ball pen Sold out
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Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
€ 4.00

gift packaging
€ 2.00

Refills VA40 for roller - ceramic - 10 pieces

€ 35.00

Personalization with Visconti MyPenSystem cabochon gem

€ 10.00

personalization with Visconti MyPenSystem - the 2 initials on the cap top
€ 6.00

Refills VA49 for ballpoint - 10 pieces - tip B

€ 40.00
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