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    12 Van Gogh Preview of all the 12 color versions scheduled for the months to come


    The Van Gogh collection honours the painter's most famous artworks, and although as far as now (Aprile 2012) Visconti produced only the first 3 models - Starry night, Room in Arles, and Sunflowers - all the others have been projected, studied and scheduled; and some final samples have already been realized.

    Here they are!

    Preview of all the 12 pens, (instead of waiting years for the launch of one at a time), packed in a special display-case, numbered, devoted to the collection, which exactly holds the 12 Van Gogh pens and shows the respective paintings at sides.
    The price is related to the 12 pens (fountain pens or rollers); the display-case comes for free.

    Here are the subjects of the 12 Van Gogh, starting from above:

    cofanetto collezione Van Gogh 2012 Starry Night
    blue with light blue, yellow and orange veins

    Portait blue
    Light blue-turquoise, with reddish streaks

    Dr. Gachet

    gray and blue, melted with light blue and brown

    Orchard in blossom - view of Arles

    pale blue - lavander blue with rosy shadings


    light bright green, with yellow and violet brushstrokes

    yellow with orange and green sprinkles

    Pollard willows

    brown and green with multicolor streaks, from blue to rust red

    Vincent chair
    acid yellow with greenish and blueish streaks

    Room in Arles

    Brown with orange and rust red shades

    Gauguin's chair

    dark blue-greenwith beige and burgundy veins

    Van Gogh shoes

    beige with black and grey sprinkles

    Pine trees

    mixed deep green orange and yellow

    clicK the photo to zoom

    We realized a short movie about this product


    This photo of the shown pens is as a rough guide: all pens will be different each other, in a different distribution of color "brushstrokes"

    Fountain pens have cartidge/converter filling system, and steel nib, only M point.

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