Knight Templars, monks and soldiers, wore a white robe with a red cross Templari

The Order or Knight Templars, founded around the year 1118, owes its name to the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic sanctuary located in the whereabouts of the Biblical Temple of Jerusalem; the Templars used to call this Dome "Templum Domini"

The Knight Templars are remembered for the economic and cultural development they had brought throughout Europe and they are still quoted nowadays as shining example of honesty utter devotion and faithfulness.

Templari Visconti stilografica
Limited Edition
only 312 pieces
Templari Visconti
Templari Visconti
This fountain pen has been inspired by the legendary white robe with the red cross the Knight Templars used to wear.
Being them a military order, the sterkling silver trims of the pen recall iron and steel and have been duly aged.

 Visconti Templars detail  Visconti Templars detail nib

templars pen ring

The silver central ring is decorated with the red cross and a latin saying of the Order.
The filling system is the Double Reservoir Power Filler; the 18 Kt gold nib is discontinued, and now substituted by the new 23 Kt palladium nib.

The pen is made in ivory-color resin, and comes is a gorgeous box of the same color, lined in red velvet, with its warranty and the Templar seal which portrays two knights, symbol of poverty and of the duality monk-soldier.

Templars Visconti box

templars pen ring

RubiesTemplars - Special Reserve

The Special Reserve version is enriched by red rubies set in the cross.

Special Reserve

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