From the collaboration between Pininfarina and Visconti: design and innovation Pininfarina
Limited Edition
1930 fountain pens
1930 rollerballs

After the encounter between Visconti and Pininfarina, a new pen is born, designed to remain in the annals as a milestone in the history of writing.
Pininfarina has dressed a design originally created at about the same time as the company was founded in 1930, when retractable pens were known by the name of safety pens.
The idea might be nothing new, but as it often happens with design, old ideas can be reinterpreted through the adoption of state-of-the-art technology and of the kind of outstanding design, of which Pininfarina alone is a true master.
Pininfarina Visconti fountain pen
Pininfarina Visconti, closed
Visconti brilliantly resolved the typical problems of retractable pens: complexity of construction, ink reservoir issues, leaking nibs, and in particular, the pen closure system, that Visconti has designed and patented.
Pininfarina Visconti roller
Pininfarina Visconti has been made as fountain pen and also as roller, both with retractable tip..

Pinifarina fitted this splendid "chassis-and-engine" unit with a body on a par with its most elegant cars, yet it set Visconti a further problem to resolve: how to create a mechanism capable of imparting flexibility to a clip designed to be rigid.
This clip, in fact, is different: Visconti's technicians have managed to miniaturise the clip's working components and to conceal them inside the clip itself, so that the clip has become a minor masterpiece of the mechanical art that functions unimpeachably.

Visconti Pininfarina boxFilling system is cartridge/converter.
The nib
is the latest tubular nib in 18 chrome Smartouch, EF, F, M, B.
      Pininfarina nib
Its special shape is turned from a capillary tube in Chromium 18 that wraps closely around the feed and can delay the drying; it means a longer resistance to evaporation, respect to a traditional nib, in uncapped position; and better start even after long time of the pen capped.

The material used to produce both the pen and the packaging is unidirectional carbon graphite: light yet strong, in fact virtually indestructible, with its naturally technical and modern colour, this is the very first time that it has been used in the manufacture of a pen.

The case, which echoes the pen's retractable mechanism, is in its turn a display case that not only holds the fountain pen but has all the makings of a fully-fledged work of modern sculpture.

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