Limited Edition demonstrator, with new tubular nib and Snorkel filler il nuovo pennino Visconti

New Opera Crystal by Visconti, made in transparent resin to show the perfect working of the double reservoir filling system; and it features also the Visconti's big news for 2012: the new tubular nib

Visconti Opera Crystal
Visconti Opera Crystal closed

Smartouch nib

Tubular nib: Smartouch

Its special shape is turned from a capillary tube in Chromium 18 that wraps closely around the feed and can delay the drying; it means a longer resistance to evaporation, respect to a traditional nib, in uncapped position; and better start even after long time of the pen capped.
Chromium 18 allows a such precise machining that the tolerance is <0.001 mm, and its resistance to corrosion is the highest available in metals.

Moreover, being the fountain pen often used like a ballpen (much more vertical than the classic fountain pen position at 45°), the inclination of the tip has been modified, for broadly extending its range of use and helping newbies.

Its unique design makes it absolutely desirable from anybody who loves modern art; and it was completely studied and developed by Visconti, with their machinery and tools.

Smartouch nib and SnorkelSnorkel

From its name you can tell its use: it's a brilliant device for filling the pen, not even dipping the nib in the ink.
Thanks to the Snorkel, you can easily fill your pen even in case of little ink left in the bottle, by holding  the pen outside the inkpot!

Visconti Opera box with Snorkel Limited
Limited Edition
1000 pieces

A Snorkel comes with each Opera Crystal, in the classic Visconti box.

The Opera Crystal features the Visconti's double reservoir filling system.

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personalization with Visconti MyPenSystem - the 2 initials on the cap top
€ 6.00

Personalization with Visconti MyPenSystem cabochon gem

€ 10.00

6 cabochon gems for Visconti MyPenSystem personalization - various colours
€ 50.00

Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
€ 4.00
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