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Precious filigree honouring the town where Muhammad died Medina Visconti
Limited Edition
662 vermeil fountain pens
62 gold fountain pens
not limited roller

Visconti has always been very attentive in giving importance with its creations to aspects and themes that have impact, change or describe our life: this Limited Edition fountain pen collection is dedicated to all religions of the world and the name chosen to describe it is (not by chance) MYSTIC PENS.

Islam is one of the great religions of the world and the Medina collection is a tribute to the town where Muhammad was most active and died.

Medina chiusa
Medina stilografica

Visconti Medina particolare filigranaclip

Medina is turned from ivory coloured resin bars whith cap in green marbled resin, recalling the famous dome of the Prophet's Mosque, one of the most wellknown symbols of Islam together with the Kaaba.

The decoration pattern, which is also the focus of the entire pen, is the vermeil wonderful microcast artwork on the shaft, representing the doors of the "Holy Chamber" where the prophet is buried.

The clip recalls the form of the many columns inside the Mosque.

The cap is decorated by a large ring with patterns recalling those doors, and this whole decoration is in great harmony with the shaft.

The Medina pen numbering system is inspired to number 622 (the year of Hijra, the migration of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina, with the foundation of the first Islamic state.

scatola Visconti Medina

Dreamtouch 23 Kt palladium nib, Power Filler filling system.

The Medina pens come in a beautiful fretworked wood display-box, reminding the arabesques of the Mosque's doors.


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