Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen, Elisabeth II Diamond Jubilee

Elisabeth IIVisconti proudly announces to be the official partner for writing instruments of the 60th Anniversary (Diamond Jubilee) of her Majesty the Queen, Elisabeth II.

The event will take place on May 31st, 2012, in the historic base of Army and Navy Club (the oldest and most prestigious English Club, founded in 1837, based in London, Washington and New York) which the Queen is patroness of; and it's going to have a worldwide press coverage.
During the soiree a charity auction will collect funds for the Red Cross, that helped so many soldiers, English and not, over the years.

Blue Diamond Jubilee
Blue Jubilee
Red Diamond Jubilee fountain pen
Red Jubilee
Edizione Limitata
600 stilografiche Royal Purple
600 stilografiche Imperial Ruby

Roller NON limitati

Imperial State Crown The pens are realized with variegated resin, in two classic "royal" colors:
Royal Purple, a blue-violet, like the velvet of the most famous crown in the Crown Jewels, with violet and pale blue veins, and platinum plated silver trims;
Imperial Ruby, a deep ruby red, like the huge central ruby of the crown, with golden and vivid red variegated veins, and vermeil trims.

The central ring, platinum plated or gold plated, depending on the pen's color, is dedicated to the Jubilee, with "Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee" sentence, engraved all over the circumference.

A stylized reproduction of the famous Imperial State Crown is placed at the cap top, in the two finishing.

details of the Diamond Jubilee caps

The fountain pens feature the new Dreamtouch 23 Kt palladium nib.

Two matching rollerballs have been made, with the same blue and red variegated resin. They are differently shaped (faceted like the new Van Gogh), but with the same finishing and a coordinated central ring.
Rollerballs are not limited.

Roller Diamond Jubilee
Jubilee roller

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