Aged iron and sterling silver
for the last Templar Knight, after 700 years from his death
Visconti Jacques de Molay
Edizione Limitata
700 penne argento
(tra stilo e roller)
14 stilo oro

lapide parigiJacques de Molay was the last Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templar, burned at the stake in 1314 in a small island in the Seine, Paris, where a plaque was posed to remark the site.
The Templars are renowned for the economic and cultural advances that they helped to spread throughout Europe, and are still held up today as shining examples of honesty, integrity and loyalty. Falsely accused of heresy, the order was suppressed in 1308, the knights imprisoned, tortured and slain, their property confiscated.

The pen is inspired by the Templars' legendary white surcoat emblazoned with a red cross.

Visconti Jacques de Molay
Visconti Jacques de Molay fountain pen
roller Jacques de Molay - uncapped

Made in ivory color resin, covered by a sterling silver filigree and details in aged iron and steel.

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Hauberk, helm and crest are reproduced with the finesse of the goldsmith's art, inspired by old iron arms - being Templars a military order - thus with appropriately aged steel and iron look.
The barrel reproduces the shield, with the red enamel cross, while the cap reproduces the knights' helm.

 Jacques de Molay box23 Kt palladium Dreamtouch nib.
Power filler system, double reservoir.

The pen's box, that is very simple outside, yet hides its beauty inside. Besides the pen, also a ring with the historical seal showing two knights on a single horse, symbolising their poverty and their dual nature as monks and soldiers; and a Templar sword, carefully engraved.
A leather wrap with a thong to lace it serves to protect this valuable writing tool.

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