A sterling silver spider's web, white and black lacquered Istos Aracnis
Limited Edition
888 silver filigree pens
888 gold filigree pens

The Istos Aracnis (in Greek = spider's web) collection harks back to early jewelry-pens made during the Art Nouveau period by some jewellers which began decorating pens with with precious filigree, specially with floreal or animal designs such as spiders, snakes and dragons.
This is a modern and once again highly original Visconti interpretation.

Istos Aracnis closed
Visconti Istos Aracnis fountain pen

Visconti has kept strictly to the colour black for cap and body, which formerly were in ebonite but now are in a natural resin - that won't age the way ebonite tends to do.

Detail of Istos Aracnis spider

The massive cobweb filigree, definitely in relief, is fretworked in solid sterling silver and lacquered in black and white, displaying all the meticulous craftsmanship of master goldsmiths.

In technological terms, the fine fretwork and lacquering are on a par with the filling system, heart of the pen: a magnificent twin-reservoir system patented by Visconti at the end of the last century.

detail of Istos Aracnis detail

The filigree of the version with spider's web in old gold is not lacquered but carefully engraved on all its surface, with a great black-gold contrast effect.

Gold Istos Aracnis closed
The fountain pen features the Dreamtouch nib in 23 Kt palladium.
The collection includes capped rollerballs, both in silver and gold versions.

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