Visconti Homo Sapiens Elegance

This Homo Sapiens shows a more elegant look, in polished deep black resin




The wellknown Homo Sapiens abandoned the lava for a new more elegant guise, in black acrilic resin, deep and polished, with palladium trims.

Homo Sapiens Elegance - oversize
Homo Sapiens Elegance - medium

Two fountain pen sizes: Oversize and Medium.

Both them feature the practical cartridge/converter filling system and 23 Kt palladium Dreamtouch nib; large size for the Oversizepen and small size for the Medium one.

Homo Sapiens Elegance - roller
Homo Sapiens Elegance - penna a sfera

Homo Sapiens Elegance - pennino The Dreamtouch nib

Visconti has been mounting the Dreamtouch palladium nib on all its high-level pens for a few years; now, it definitely substituted the old 14 kt and 18 kt gold nibs.
Palladium has interesting physical features that allow the production of fountain pen nibs; its manufacturing is possible nowadays thanks to new metal-fusion technologies and to the welding of iridium tips.
Palladium actually melts at much higher temperatures than gold: 1552°C against 1063°C. Therefore, any manufacturing process involving palladium becomes a lot more challenging. Also, being more resistant than gold, it has better mechanical features. Dreamtouch is the term
Visconti coined to define a nib
that requires no pressure
whatsoever in order to write,
it traces in a gentle way
thoughts and words
for a dream handwriting...

Flexibility and Memory:
are the best for any type of writing, enhanced of 30% compared to the same nib in 18 kt gold.

Resistance to ink corrosion: has been improved up to 100% thanks to the pureness of the material to an extent to which no protection treatment of the plating is needed.

Special hook safe locking cap system, that works by pushing and rotating.
Safe and pleasant to use.

Ring and trims in palladium.

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Homo Sapiens Elegance - Oversize fountain pen     € 410.00
Homo Sapiens Elegance - Medium fountain pen     € 330.00
Homo Sapiens Elegance - roller   roller  € 235.00
Homo Sapiens Elegance - penna a sfera   ball pen  € 205.00
Extra-fee for special tips of large Dreamtouch nib     € 50.00
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Personalization with Visconti MyPenSystem cabochon gem

€ 10.00

Refills VA40 for roller - ceramic - 10 pieces

€ 35.00

personalization with MyPenSystem - the 2 initials
€ 6.00

Gel refills VA38 for ballpoint - 10 pieces
blue € 46.00

Refills VA49 for ballpoint - 10 pieces - tip B

€ 40.00
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