Lacquer and vermeil with decorations inspired by the Golden Man Golden Man

Golden manThe Golden Man

Fourty years ago, approximatively, a mystery warrior's tomb was discovered in Kazakistan; he was completely dressed in gold clothes. He lived with nomatic tribes wandering the steppes of Central Asia in the fifth century BC.

The Golden Man, a dark identity armed warrior, used to adorn himself with thousands of jewels - gems and gold - representing leopards, ibex, winged horses and floral motifs evidence of the animalistic art used by these nomads, rulers of the Asian steppes, to convey their emotions and their view of the world.

The fountain pen

Visconti's intention was to create a wonderful pen inspired by the myth of the Golden Man that proposed the same motifs of the Scythian art in a collection fountain pen, in which skilled goldsmiths have artistically reproduced the magic of the mysterious warrior.

Golden Man fountain pen
Golden Man
roller Golden Man
The Golden Man pen is made in vermeil (gold plated sterling silver) with red lacquer.
The artwork is made in vermeil, with the "lost wax" technique.

detail of body cap ring

The Golden Man equipment included a cloth decored with 2,400 three-leaves small plates, several necklaces with snow-leopard heads, a large belt with deer heads and elk heads.
His headgear was made by decorated plates, reproducing arrows, feathers, floreal motifs, and a large gold plated wood front plate reproducing fantasy animals.

diamonds cap Limited Edition
Limited Edition
388 vermeil fountain pens
18 HRH gold/diamond fountain pens

A more precious version of Visconti Golden Man has been made for the most demanding collectors, in only 18 pieces worldwide.

It is the HRH Golden Man, with 18 Kt gold finish, and 18 Kt gold artwork, studded with diamonds on the clip and also on cap's and bottom's rings.
There are 250 white diamonds, for approx 2,5 carats.


The filling system is the wellknown Visconti's Power Filler.

Dreamtouch nib, bicolor 23 Kt palladium


The gorgeous packaging, which can be used also as a photo frame, features a large golden frame decorated with the same elements of the Golden Man.

box open box

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