Visconti Chiantishire

Homo Sapiens model in demonstrator version, made with resin and celluloid



Limited Edition
888 pieces in total
(fountain pens and rollers)

The Visconti Demonstrator collection, based on the Homo Sapiens oversize model, now is widened with a new color: Chiantishire, in red shades.

It combines red-burgundy cap, bottom and grip, with transparent barrel; bith mixed with a red celluloid swirl that goes through the whole pen in casual and fascinating veins.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Chiantishire
Visconti Chiantishire roller

Fountain pen and roller, for a total of 888 pieces made.
As well as the the Homo Sapiens, the Chiantishire features a special hook safe locking cap system, that works by pushing and rotating. Safe and pleasant to use.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Chiantishire

The clip and the rings are made with sterling silver.

23 Kt palladium Dreamtouch nib, available as F, M, B .The special tips, EF and ST, are available with an extra fee.

Filling system is Double reservoir Power Filler.

Limited Edition in red burgundy and transparent acrylic resin with celluloid inserts that mix in always unique decorations
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Homo Sapiens Chiantishire - fountain pen    Ask for Price
Homo Sapiens Chiantishire - roller   roller Ask for Price
Extra-fee for special tips of large Dreamtouch nib     € 50.00
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gift packaging
€ 2.00

Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
€ 4.00

Refills VA40 for roller - ceramic - 10 pieces

€ 35.00