Spartacus, the gladiator, inspired the new Tibaldi precious collection Spartacus

gladiatoriGladiators, so named after the latin word "one who uses a sword", were professional fighters who filled stadiums throughout the Roman Empire, and enjoyed popularity to rival football today. However, that ancient "sport" knew no limits: a life-or-death conclusion was a crucial part of the performance, inadvertently providing mankind with the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" symbols for success and failure.
Spartacus was a slave gladiator, who organized and leaded a slaves' rebellion in 73 B.C., winning Roman arms for few years ans sprawling all over the South Italy.
Historians describe him tall, handsome, clever, kind and charismatic; he became a legend and was celebrated by several books and movies, such as Stanley Kubrick's 1960 film Spartacus, featuring Kirk Douglas.

Spartacus - the pen

stilografica Spartacus
Spartacus chiusa

dipinto a mano

The miniature

Truly arresting is the image surrounding the cap, featuring gladiators in combat representing in miniature a famous mosaic. It's hand painted by Tibaldi's artist, Lorena Straffi.

scultura argento

The miniature-sculpture

The sterling silver barrel is decorated by a miniature-sculpture which reproduces an ancient low-relief depicting gladiators' fighting. It's so finely detailed that ir resembles a Dorè illustration that has come to life. This is achieved through a sophisticated three-dimensional engraving technique.

Limited Edition
310 silver fountain pens
310 silver roller
36 gold fountain pens
35 gold roller

At the cap top, each pen is crowned with an engraved and enamelled ornament, featureing a Roman imperial eagle.
The clip ring boasts a miniature of Coliseum, engraved in 3D on silver.
The clip is a replica of the"gladius", the gladiator's sword, while the engravings of the various rings also take inspiration from shape and decorations of the gladius. The same decorations mark also the bling cap of the pen.

The engravings that embellish the 18 Kt gold nib were inspired by scrollwotk from an ancient fresco, in turn embracing a pattern from gladiators' shield - as well as the engravings on the roller grip.
Piston filling system, like all Tibaldi pens; and like others, also this Tibaldi has been realized respecting the Divine Proportion rule.

A more precious version has been realized with solid gold instead of sterling silver.

scatolaThe pen is made in pearly blood-red resin, recalling the blood these fearless combatants shed for the Emperor.
The red wooden box reproduces a detail of the same mosaic hand painted on the cap, on the front cover.

Numbers of production symbolize the year (310 B.C.) when the earliest-known gladiatorial games were held, and 71 B.C. (36+35) that was the year of the rebellion leaded by Spartacus.

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