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DIVINA - EXCELSA Limited Edition

Divina and Excelsa, two applications of the golden number (divine proportion) Tibaldi Divina Excelsa

The divine proportion

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
Divina: 618 pieces each
Excelsa: 618 pieces each

The great 13th century mathematician Leonardo Pisano, also known as Fibonacci, discovered an extraordinary mathematical sequence.
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.
Each element of the sequence equals the sum of the two previous numbers, and each one is approximately 1.618034 (phi) times larger than the number that precedes it.
The ancient Greeks referred to phi as the golden number, and were the first to apply the name "divine proportion" to the numeric relationship it represented.

The Divina pen

The Divina pen is the result of careful study of the Proporzione Divina and the golden number, phi (1.618), that is present in each part - in the smallest detail and in every part of its awesome structure. The same goes for each of its accessories, from the pen case to the guarantee certificate.
Each of the Divina's components is a multiple of phi, 1.618, and once assembled, respects the rule of the golden proportion.

Divina fountain pen
Divina gold fountain pen
Divina fountain pen
Pens are made in special resin and gold/platinum plated sterling silver:
black resin with platinum finishing, black with rose gold finishing, or ivory resin with rose gold finishing

The mechanical precision and reliability of Tibaldi's innovative "perfected" piston filling mechanism, secured by an international patent, guarantees easyness in filling and in writing.
You can check the ink level via a transparent window on the barrel. Its tank holds a generous amount of ink(0.9 ml)
Tibaldi nib Precious metal surfaces are decorated with the Clou de Paris - or diamond point -, consisting of repeating pyramid patterns, is an ancient decorative design, typical of high quality watches.

The Tibaldi's striking nib is solid 18K gold, partially rhodium plated.
Rhodium is only applied outside the contours of the eagle and inside the words, requiring the skill of an experienced goldsmith.
Like original Tibaldi nibs from the early XX century, each nib is engraved with the guarantee of first-class writing quality, "1a Qualità".

Divina cap topgold bottomThe cap top is decorated with a pyramid cut mother of pearl or tiger's eye element, embedded into a silver frame.
The precious metal bottom is decorated with the Tibaldi's eagle.

All the Divina pens are produced as a limited edition of only 618 pcs., a number paying a tribute to the criteria that inspired their creation (phi= 1.618): the magic number of divine proportion

Divina collection includes also a capped roller (convertible in ballpen), that is available in all finishing: black resin with platinum or with rose gold, and ivory resin with rose gold.
Divina Roller

The Excelsa pen

The same pen is available also as Excelsa version: its barrel is entirely covered by precious metal, in Clou de Paris decoration.

Excelsa gold fountain pen
Excelsa fountain pen
Excelsa Roller

Excelsa collection includes fountain pen and capped roller (convertible in ballpen) with the same features of Divina.
The barrel is fully covered by precious metal, decorated with the Clou de Paris - or diamond point:
platinum plated or rose gold plated sterling silver with black resin, and rose gold plated sterling silver with ivory resin.
L.E. 618 pieces each pen, also for Excelsa version.

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Divina - resin fountain pen    Sold out
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Excelsa - precious metal fountain pen     € 1650.00
Excelsa - precious metal roller   roller  € 1360.00
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