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THE DA VINCI CODELimited Edition

gold and silver collection, referring to
The Da Vinci Code movie

the sealIn the year of its 90th anniversary, Tibaldi has been commissioned by Sony Pictures to develop the official collection of luxury writing instruments celebrating The Da Vinci Code movie.

The Da Vinci Code limited edition pen is an opulent, precious work of art, whose mechanical reliability and precision reflect that of luxurious timepieces.

The golden number occurs constantly in nature.
It was first recognized during the XIII century
when the mathematician Fibonacci discovered
an extraordinary mathematical sequence, where
each number equals the sum of the two previous numbers.
in the XVIII century, a further mathematical relationship
between the numbers was discovered.
Every number is approximately 1.618 times larger
than the number that precedes it.

Phi, the concept known as the Divine Proportion, has been invoked in every aspect of the design and development of The Da Vinci Code pen's components. The golden number (1.618) is present in each and every part of its awesome structure.
For example, the proportion between the pen's cap and the visible portion of the barrel when the pen is closed is 1.618.

In The Da Vinci Code (the movie), phi unlocks the code to understanding a critical message.

Tibaldi IL CODICE DA VINCI silver pen
Tibaldi IL CODICE DA VINCI silver pen
The non-metallic trim of cap and barrel, and the internal structure of the pen, consist of the finest stress-free resin. Carved from a single bar of raw material, thickness is consistent, guaranteeing the durability of the components.
The silver pens have sterling silver cap and body, and gold plated sterling silver trims.

Tibaldi IL CODICE DA VINCI gold pen
Tibaldi IL CODICE DA VINCI silver pen
The gold pens have 18 Kt solid gold cap and body.

Tibaldi IL CODICE DA VINCI silver pen
The tie-shaped clip is reminiscent of Tibaldi pens from the early 1900s, but its sophisticated snap mechanism and roller make it easier to insert into a pocket.
The clip is mounted on the ring, decorated with diamond point Clou de Paris, rather than on the cap.
Tibaldi IL CODICE DA VINCI detailsTibaldi IL CODICE DA VINCI detailsBrimming with intrigue, it is adorned with high precision engravings of Leonardo da Vinci's iconic Vetruvian Man, multiple locations from the movie (St. Sulpice Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, the Arche de Triomphe and the Parthenon) and a series of cryptic codes and symbols including a five pointed star, phi and fleur de lis

Deciphering the letters and symbols, which decorate the pen's cap, reveals the words which, in the story, enable the cryptex to be opened.

Tibaldi IL CODICE DA VINCI cap topThe cap top is richly engraved with the suggestive symbol of the rose (embedded into a silver/gold frame), also characterizing the lid of the cryptex box. It features a square section at the top, gradually tapering to the round ring at its base.

The striking nib is solid 18K gold, partially rhodium plated and engraved with the movie's official logo (DVC). Rhodium is only applied outside the contours of the logo, requiring the skill of an experienced goldsmith.
Like the original Tibaldi nibs from the early XX century, each nib is engraved with the guarantee of first-class writing quality, "1a Qualità".

bottomLimitedThe Da Vinci Code pens are produced as a numbered limited edition, reflecting the divine proportion and the phi coefficient:
* 618 sterling silver fountain pens
* 618 sterling silver roller balls
* 61 solid 18K gold fountain pens
* 18 solid 18K gold roller balls

Tibaldi IL CODICE DA VINCI CofanettoEven the exclusive pen's accompanying case - a reproduction of the movie's cryptex box, a guardian of ancient secrets - is measured in multiples of the phi coefficient.

The filling system is a "perfected" piston filling mechanism, secured by exclusive Tibaldi patent; the blind cap rotates through a 32 teeth mechanism (multiple of phi number) and gives the same sound and feel as manually winding a watch crown.

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