Honouring the 100 years from Brooklands British track's birth, a precious Limited by Tibaldi. Tibaldi BENTLEY BROOKLANDS

Brooklands is a phenomenal new Bentley, launched for the 100th anniversary of the iconic Brooklands track, where Bentley Motors won some of its most heralded victories.
Tibaldi proudly presents the gorgeous new Bentley Brooklands pen, handcrafted with peerless design, with a special racing motif, recalling past racing glories.

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
in silver:
550 fountain pens
550 rollers

in white gold:
50 fountain pens
50 rollers

Bentley Brooksland fountain pen
The pen's lacquered metal in beluga black with palladium trim makes for a striking contrast with the hand etched silver or white gold barrel.


The engraved racing motif depicts a moment in one of the many racing victories Bentley Motors experienced in 1920's; it captures the excitement of the period, which was marked by thrilling performances and passionate pursuit of perfection not only in racing, but also in automobile design, performance, and unrivaled luxury.Tibaldi BENTLEY BROOKLANDS detailTibaldi BENTLEY BROOKLANDS detail

The etching pattern on the barrel is designed by Bentley's Interior Designer Jonathan Punter.
The composition, depicting two cars racing on the famous Brooklands banking, is inspired by an artwork produced for the famous races at Brooklands with which Bentley is so strongly affiliated.

Knurling is well-known by Bentley drivers, because always found on cars' functional handles and buttons, such as gear, indicators, and media system controls.
It ensures a secure grip, and is echoed on all parts of the pen that require turning, such as the lid and the section.
18 Kt gold nib (F, M, B, OM, OB, BB, ST), personalized with Tibaldi and Bentley logos.
Cartridge/converter filling system

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