Re-edition of a vintage model in precious celluloid Art Nouveau
Limited Edition
150 fountain pens
150 rollers
250 ballpens
80 pencils
each color

Tibaldi has been producing superlative writing instruments for nearly a century, and its early years occurred concurrently with the Art Nouveau period.

The movement's love for forms found in nature, for curves and elegance, influenced both the visual arts and the decorative accessories such as pens, of course.

Art Nouveau lapislazzuli
Thanks to Tibaldi's experience, here is the update of an exquisite form from the 1930s, perfect for reviving in a modern version that respects the vintage original.

Art Nouveau Pietra di Luna
Tibaldi's craftsmen spent three years devising the appropriate material: the exclusive colours of celluloid - Lapis blue, Malachite green and Indian Rainbow beige - carefully reproducing colours and shapes that would have been familiar to pen users over 80 years ago.

Art Nouveau MalachiteThe model of the clip
is independent
from the pen

and may match
every colour of celluloid

The original collection did not have decorative clips, though, nor metal trim rings.

In this new collection, each clip is a piece of jewellery in its own right, accenting the delicate body of the pen.

Clip Ninfa Clip Sirena Clip Amazzone
Nymph clip
on malachite green
Mermaid clip
on Indian Rainbow beige
Amazon clip
on lapis blue

The clips are made in sterling silver, as well as the rings positioned in the midsection and end-piece.
The clips embody familiar Art Nouveau motifs: nymphs, amazons and mermaids.

In keeping with Tibaldi tradition,
also the Art Nouveau pen
was developed according to the strictures
of the divine proportion (phi).
This mathematical formula defines
every Tibaldi writing instrument,
providing both visual
and ergonomic balance
to enhance the writing experience.

Tibaldi nibThe Tibaldi's striking nib is solid 18K gold, partially rhodium plated.
Rhodium is only applied outside the contours of the eagle and inside the words, requiring the skill of an experienced goldsmith.
Like original Tibaldi nibs from the early XX century, each nib is engraved with the guarantee of first-class writing quality, "1a Qualità".

Celluloid is a warm, fashinating material, which demands a long gestation period with several curing processes.
The base material solidifies for over a year. Then, when it reaches the requisite hardness, it is cut into square rods, then shaped to round rods, followed by further curing.
Tibaldi’s artisans cut the round rods into workable lengths, which are drilled for ventilation, to expel humidity. If not cured properly, the rods will deform and shrink.
They are then returned to oven for four-to-six months.
From the Art Nouveau concept’s first stages to the realisation of the actual pens thus required more than three years.

Filling system is converter/cartridge.
Size of the fountain pen: Length 135 mm, closed. Diameter: 14 mm.

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Art Nouveau - fountain pen with Nimph clip     € 999.00
Art Nouveau - fountain pen with Mermaid clip     € 999.00
Art Nouveau - fountain pen with Amazon clip     € 999.00
Art Nouveau - roller with Nymph clip   roller  € 795.00
Art Nouveau - roller with Mermaid clip   roller  € 795.00
Art Nouveau - roller with Amazon clip   roller  € 795.00
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