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Visconti- Divina Black

Divina Black
Black lucite and silver, spiral movement in shape; 23 Kt palladium nib

Montegrappa- Fortuna Credo

Fortuna Credo
A collection of suggestive pens grown in the three monotheistic faiths

Delta- Journal

Pens made with pearly and marbled resin, various colors

Aurora- Archivi Storici

Archivi Storici

Brand new fountain pens, revival of 1950s, with original vintage mechanisms.

Renzetti- Via Meravigli

Via Meravigli

Celluloid acetate and rhodium plated brass, Guillochè engraved. Fountain pen ballpoint SET

Storia- Parma

Pens made with Turkish walnut wood, hand turned and refined, with different veins and shades

Storia- Venezia

Hand turned and hand finished pens, made in thuya briar, featuring deep and variegated shades. All pens are different each other.

Storia- Torino

Hand turned and hand finished pens, made in cocobolo wood, reddish brown with dark veins that make each pen different from others

Columbus- Absolute

Sterling silver fountain pen and ballpen with Guilloche decoration

Pelikan- Souveran 600

Souveran 600
Medium size pens of Souveran model, black cap and striped body in different colors, with golden finishing

Parafernalia- Woodstock


Same shape of Allustock, but wood or briar finished

Delta- Fusion 82

Fusion 82
Pens in marbled resin, of several colors - blue, white, brown, grey, green, pink - with Fusion nib

Aurora- Alpha

Pearly resin pens with godron grip

Visconti- Homo Sapiens

Homo Sapiens
Lava from the Etna volcano and bronze or steel, and 23 Kt palladium nib.

Renzetti- Amatori Milano

Amatori Milano
Laquer and rhodium, Guillochè engraved

Parafernalia- Revolution


Delta- Dolcevita

Orange barrel and black cap in special resin with silver trim, three sizes available

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