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Giardino Semplici

«A Public location, where native plants of very different countries and climates could grew, so that young students could learn to recognize them, quickly and easilty, in close places»
Luca Ghini, 1543.
(Sentence etched on the memorial medal made for the 460 years from foundation of Giardino de' Semplici)
penne stilografiche Giardino de' Semplici
Florence's Giardino dei Semplici, with its water fountains, gardens and various floreal vegetation, is the inspiring item of this new fountain pen, made in very Limited Edition, solely for Giardino Italiano.

Giardino de' Semplici
Giardino Semplici chiusa
The pen features a cellulose acetate cap, with black-blue marbled tones, green highlighted with bright shades this material uses to give off. These are the same colors as medicinal herbs and edible plants, small lakes and conifers, which enrich the Giardino de' Semplici.

Limited Edition
114 fountain pens

Glossy black barrel, which pleasangly contrasts with satin finish. The Giardino de' Semplici name is engraved on the barrel, and decorated with green enamel.
On the opposite side of the barrel, also the Stipula logo is engraved.
The sterling silver clip is partially decored with plastic emphasis, floreal inspired, in glossy silver, while the bar is brushed, which gives a beautiful contrast effect. The central ring is made in silver plated brass.pennino

Giardino de' Semplici features the new extraordinary T-Flex nib, in titanium, unique size. It's a special nib that stands out for its great performance in terms of accuracy, flexibility and lightness; it allows a perfect writing and meets whatever a pressure.

Cartidge/converter filling system.

length of the closed pen: mm. 141;
length open, without cap: mm. 130;
open, with cap posted back: mm. 170.
Diameer max. mm. 13,8, at the grip mm. 9

mano femminile mano maschile
Giardino de' Semplici is a well proportioned pen, light and well balanced for a pleasant writing experience.

... and more!


If you purchase a Giardino de'Semplici fountain pen, you'll receive also a bottle of Stipula ink, of the new Simple Green colour, for free.

The Stipula Calamo bottle fits the Netto ink system

Giardino de' Semplici landscape

piantaIl Giardino de' Semplici

The Giardino dei Semplici (or Botanical Garden) in Florence, is currently a section of Museum of Natural History of University of Florence.
In Middle Ages the "semplici" (= simples) were kind of herbs and vegetals with curative properties, which were raised in villages' vegetable gardens. In the XVI Century the duke Cosimo I de' Medici wanted an academic garden for the medical college's students, thus founding the third most ancient Botanic Garden worldwide, in 1545 (after Padova and Pisa).
Niccolò Tribolo designed the project, and the garden was quickly enriched with several rare plants, until it became an international research center in the XVIII Century. Today the garden contains some 9,000 plant specimen. It opened to the public in 1864.

fontana centralepiante tropicalipiante acquaticheThe central fountain with a stone little angel holds several water plants species.

Other 5 small basins are devoted to water lilies and water plants.
Warm and cold greenhouses hold collections of ferns, epiphyte plants, begonias.

In Giardino de' Semplici there are also a Coniferous trees lawn, a Areca-nut flowerbed, the edible plants and medicinal plants lawns, the flowerbed of Italian garden and a section of Alpine environment.

conifere alberi viale
Text and photos from Wikipedia - the first panoramic photo is property of the author, Stefano Marucci.

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