Olive or cherry wood, or briarwood.


The Woodstock collection has the charm of handmade workmanship, the style of something unique,
the love of its material treated with refinement.
The choice of wood bespeaks of a lifestyle made visible by the choice of a pen.

Available in briarwood,Woodstock acppuccioWoodstock Stilografica

or in olive tree wood, Woodstock Sfera

or in cherry tree wood Woodstock Matita

In fountain pen version, as well as ballpoint and pencil versions.
Also in aluminium finishing (Allustock). Length: mm. 131, diameter max mm. 13




Wood pens, made with genuine olive wood or briar or cherry wood. Clean and ergonomic design.
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Woodstock ballpoint cherry wood  ball pen Sold out
Woodstock pencil   pencil Sold out
Woodstock ballpoint - Special Offer olive wood  ball pen 78 € 50.00
Woodstock fountain pen - Special Offer cherry wood  Medium Sold out
Woodstock briar ballpoint   ball pen Sold out
Woodstock briar fountain pen   Medium Sold out
Woodstock briar pencil   pencil Sold out
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Parafernalia 6 cartridges box

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