n 1968 many changes happened in Europe: among them, in 1968 Parafernalia was born, and since that moment picking up a pen has not been the same anymore.
Originality, innovation, fidelty to italian design always distinguish these writing instruments, symbol of moving times and referral point for the italian style.

We introduce here some of the latest metal pens (and a classic too, as the Revolution, created in 1979) in which the style research joins unusual materials and new colors (titanium, aluminium, polished and unpolished steel, galvanized and anodized metals).

Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Parafernalia pens

Parafernalia- Falter 2D

Falter 2D
An original and sharp ballpen in assembly kit

Parafernalia- Revolution


Parafernalia- Admiral

Lacquered colors and brushed steel ballpoint,

Parafernalia- Woodstock

Wood pens, made with genuine olive wood or briar or cherry wood. Clean and ergonomic design.