ROMA Limited

The first pen of LE CITTA' collection celebrates the Italian capital city Roma
Limited Edition
753 golden fountain pens
753 golden rollers
214 silver fountain pens
107 silver rollers

OMAS unveils the prestigious Le Città collection, dedicated to the most significant cities all around the world. Places that left their mark on the history of humankind and keep driving it, or that are universally recognized as memorable and unforgettable.

ColosseoRome is the first city chosen for this collection. Not only because it's the Italian capital city, but also because it's considered the mother of all the cities worlwide, the cradle of the Western Civilization and of the empire which laid the foundation for the modern culture.
Every single detail of this Limited Edition encapsulates the essence of this marvellous city, first of all the impressive Flavian Amphitheatre (the Colosseum) engraved on the barrel; it's a symbol of the futuristic Roman architecture, when the systematic use of arches enabled to build stately civil and palatial constructions.

Roma golden pen Engraved decoration:

  • outline of Colosseum
  • Latin phrase S.P.Q.R.
  • DCCLIII (753), the year of foundation of Rome
  • a planesphere, marking Italy, and the famous sentence "Roma caput mundi" (Rome capital city of the world)
  • the red enamelled word ROMA
  • The Capitoline wolf
  • San Pietro's dome
  • roman column and capital (in the clip)

closed Roma
The golden pen is made in burgundy cotton resin, with barrel, clip and bands in gold plated brass.

The sterling silver model is made in pearly charcoal-grey cotton resin.

Roma silver fountain pen
Omas Roma roller
Capped rollerballs match both the versions.

nib Omas Romacornelian 18 kt gold nib carefully decorated with the outline of San Pietro's dome;
The ring on the nib holder is decorated with a vertical fret pattern.

A natural cornelian gem, cabochon cut, is set at the cap top of the silver version; it substitutes the engraving od the Capitoline Wolf which enriches the golden version instead.
(According with the legend, the she-wolf fed Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, and is regarded as a symbol of Rome).

The fountain pens are piston filled in both versions.

The Latin phrase S.P.Q.R.,
Senatus Populus Quiritium Romanus,
means "the Senate and (all)
the Roman citizens of the Quirites":
romans, military, politicians e citizens.
It's one of the most popular phrases in Rome.
The acronym S.P.Q.R. appeared indeed
in the official Roman documents
to ratify the will of the Government
and later on became the logo of Rome.
Nowadays S.P.Q.R. stands for
the coat of arms of Rome.

Omas boxesBoth the versions of Roma are packed in beatuful wood boxes, with an Omas ink bottle.
The silver models come also with a silver reproduction of an ancient Roman coin.

Length of the golden pen: cm. 14,13
Length of the silver pen: cm. 14,47
Diameter max: mm. 15,50
Ink capacity: ml. 1,7

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