Arte Italiana in Medium size,
celluloid or resin

The Arte Italiana Collection is a tribute to the original twelve faceted model, designed by Armando Simoni in 1930. It's a modern re-interpretation, due to new materials and finishings, but still resembles a twelve sided Doric column, and provide a precise grip to enhance the pleasure of writing. The Arte Italiana Collection is the perfect combination of refinement and practicality.


Slightly smaller than the Paragon, the Milord pen features a regular size, slenderer and tapered, with a smaller nib.
The Milord collection, in all materials, is available as fountain pen, capped roller and twist ballpen.

The celluloid fountain pen is piston filled (1,42 ml ink capacity) while the resin fountain pen is cartidge/converter filled.

Arco Celluloid
in brown shades, enlighted by yellow/orange details which beautifully match its golden finish.
Its clip is made of golden phosphoric bronze, while rings and grips are made in golden brass.
Piston filled, 18 Kt gold nib, EF, F, M, B, Stub. On request, also OM, OMD, OBD, OBBD.
Milord Arco

Wild Celluloid
deep black, milky white veined, with all trims in rhodium plated palladium.
Piston filled. 18 Kt gold nib, EF, F, M, B.
Milord Wild
Milord roller Wild

Cotton resin
deep black, with golden trims; also available in slightly pearly burgundy with rose gold trims.

Milord black
Milord bordeaux
Milord roller
Milord ballpen
Milor resin fountain pens feature cartridge/converter filling system and 18 Kt gold nib in EF, F, M, B.
Length of the fountain pen and roller, closed: mm. 145
Length of the ballpen : mm. 142

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