Fortuna tricolore The Italian flag in a pen.
The Fortuna model is now striped in green-white-red


"Italianness" is an innate quality of all Montegrappa pens, but Fortuna takes this concept a stage further in this pen: the Tricolore.
Trimmed with parts made from palladium over brass, the resin body is striped from the top of its cap to the end of its barrel in the green-white-red of Italy's flag. It is a colour combination with immediate impact, whether seen as the insalata tricolore found on Italian menus the world over, on the badges of Italian racing cars or even on a box of pasta. It is instantly evocative of La Bella Italia.

Fortuna tricolore
Fortuna Tricolore
Fortuna Tricolore roller

Palladium finish, vartridge/converter foilling system, steel nib with F, M, B point.

The Fortuna Tricoloreseries is available as fountain pen or roller.

The Italian flag in a pen - the Fortuna model is green-white-red striped
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Fortuna Tricolore: green-white-red striped fountain pen     € 210.00
Fortuna Tricolore: green-white-red striped roller   roller  € 185.00
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