150th anniversary of Golf Open Championship in St. Andrews Links St Andrews

St Andrews landscapelogoSt Andrews Links is worldwide famous as "the Home of Golf".
2010 welcomes the return of The Open Championship to The Old Course at St Andrews Links, marking its 150th anniversary. With such a momentous year, interest in the world’s most famous golf venue has never been higher.
Golf fans around the world will be able to own a very special, officially licensed product, commemorating this milestone year.
A new range of precious writing instruments, produced under the Montegrappa brand, will represent the quality, history and beauty associated with St Andrews Links.

St. Andrews pens

The new Montegrappa pen is realized in green/black celluloid, and detailed with a golf ball cabochon on the cap top; one of the versions features a reproduction of an original illustration of St Andrews Links on the barrel, (signifying six centuries of golf played on the Links at St Andrews), the other one features a low-relief etching of the same design on sterling silver body.

St Andrews fountain pen
silver fountain pen
silver roller
The pens are made in celluloid, a material made from cotton fiber mixed with natural pigments and pearl, and decorated with sterling silver trims (or solid gold, for a more precious version).
Amn even more precious version is made with solid gold trims.



St. Andrews Links

A reproduction of previous century illustration has been hand painted all over the pen's barrel.
The same subject has been reproduced with low-relief technique in the sterling silver version.

Limited Edition
150 hand-painted silver fountain pen
150 hand-painted silver roller
18 hand-painted gold fountain pen
8 hand-painted gold roller
700 silver low-relief fountain pens
700 silver low-relief roller
18 solid gold low-relief fountain pens
8 solid gold low-relief roller


Piston filled
18 Kt gold nib, decorated with Montegrappa greek design, F, M, B


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St Andrews Links - hand painted L.E. fountain pen     € 2190.00
St Andrews Links - hand painted L.E. roller   roller  € 1960.00
St Andrews Links - low-relief L.E. fountain pen     € 1360.00
St Andrews Links - low-relief L.E. roller   roller  € 1110.00
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